4 Reasons Your Sewer May Smell

Have you been wondering why your sewer often smells bad? Bad-smelling sewers are a problem that often plague homeowners. In today’s blog from Nationwide Plumbers, we’ll go over four possible reasons why there might be a bad-smelling odor coming from your sewer. Keep reading to learn more, and contact our plumbing experts for affordable drain and sewer cleaning services today!

Bacteria Buildup

Something as basic as bacteria and muck accumulation could be causing the odor that is coming from your sewer. Consider what you may be flushing down your drains, including food, hair, and other filth. When these materials become lodged in your sewer pipes, they may become the cause of the foul odor you’ve been smelling.

A Dry P-Trap

Every drain in your home has a P-trap, or a goose-necked section of pipe that blocks sewer gas from wafting back up through your drains. If you haven’t used a certain sink or drain in your home for a while, it’s likely that the water in the P-trap has evaporated and the empty drain allows the odor from your sewer to come back up through the pipes. In order to avoid a dry P-trap, be sure to run the faucets throughout your home at least once per month.

Clogged Vent Pipes

The drain pipes throughout your home are connected to a network of vent pipes. These vent pipes allow fresh air to enter your system while wastewater and sewer gases (odors included) can escape. If the pipes in this vent system become clogged and the odors from wastewater can’t escape, they may travel back into your home. It’s important to have the professionals clean your drains, pipes, and sewer every once in a while to keep everything flowing properly and keep unpleasant odors at bay.

Grease Buildup

Most homeowners know that pouring grease down your drain is a no-no. If grease or fat gets stuck in your drain or pipes, it can congeal and cause a rotten egg or moldy odor. If you think you may have grease buildup in your pipes, you can try pouring hot water down the drain to wash it out, or a combination of baking soda and vinegar to eat away at the buildup.

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